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Services available from The Sheffield Gardener

Just because a garden related task isn't listed here doesn't mean we can't provide it, please ask. Just remember - we are used to and equipped for those difficult and mucky tasks!

One-off General Garden Tidies

Many of us enjoy looking after our own gardens and have no need for a regular visit from a professional gardener. Nevertheless maybe you have moved to a new home with a neglected garden and need some help; maybe you've been on an extended holiday and things have got a bit out of hand; maybe you have had to adjust your priorities due to extra demands in your workplace or some family crisis. That's the time to call on us.

Regular Garden Maintenance
Perhaps your garden demands more time than you can afford or maybe you're just not a gardener. We can visit as often as you like to keep the lawns, hedges and flower beds neat. Or maybe you enjoy looking after some aspects and just want us to handle the others, that's fine, just let us know what you need and we will accommodate your requirements. The waste produced in the course of our duties is removed promptly, not left untidily in your garden. Nor will we cause you a problem by filling your dustbin.

Lawn Treatment
Not only will we keep the grass trimmed neatly all year but we will apply lawn conditioners at the appropriate times of year, control weeds and maintain neat edges.

Tree Work
Tree stump removal, pruning, lopping, shaping, felling. We've got all the right equipment, training and experience to do the job quickly, safely and professionally. And don't forget we'll take away all the rubbish too.

Garden Construction Work
We can install and maintain all kinds of timber, stone, brick or concrete garden walls, paths, steps, fences, trellises, pergolas, sheds, gates etc.

Weed and Pest Control
We are licensed, equipped and trained to use powerful weed and pest control treatments not available to the general public. We are aware of the environmental impact of the substances we use and will avoid those which present risks to your household or pets. If you have any concerns about what chemicals are used we will be happy to discuss with you and at your request can use different treatments - or none and rely on more labour intensive weed and pest control measures. We can safely deal with wasp nests in and around your property.

Installation and Maintenance of Water Features
And not just ponds, waterfalls and streams. We can help resolve some of those other household problems like blocked gutters and downpipes.

Garden Furniture Care
We can apply wood treatment or paint to your patio furniture, garden gates, fences to help keep them looking smart and protect them from the ravages of our climate. We can jet-wash the furniture after the winter or before your garden party (afterwards too if necessary!).

Path and Driveway Maintenance
Moss removal, jet washing, replacement of cracked slabs, stabilisation of steps.

Garden Waste Removal
The Gardener will remove the garden waste produced as a result of our routine maintenance, in addition if some other activity on your premises has resulted in an accumulation of waste we can take that away and dispose of it properly. We have a waste disposal license and all waste is taken to official approved disposal sites.

Discovered a wasp nest on the day of your garden party? A tree blown over in the gales? Flooding caused a garden wall to collapse? Give us a call anytime and we will do our best to provide prompt assistance.

Extended Absences Cover
Going on a long holiday? Working overseas for a while? Maybe even in need of a hospital stay. You don't want to come home to overgrown lawns and a healthy crop of weeds. Let us keep the regular tasks in hand during your absence.